Externally fitted thermal insulation

Second to roofspace, the walls of an uninsulated building constitute the main place where heat loss occurs (approximately 25%).
Faced with the challenge of lowering the energy consumption of buildings, thermal insulation fitted externally is increasingly becoming THE smart solution, offering comfort in both winter and summer whilst providing protection for and ensuring the long-term soundness of the building.


Externally fitted thermal insulation provides high performance thermal and sound insulation AND preserves the space inside.
VETAbric brick panels are an ideal, aesthetically pleasing solution to thermal insulation from the outside. They offer an appropriate response to low consumption building requirements with a wide range of insulation products to choose from.

VETA France technicians are on hand to help you through the preliminary diagnostics, assess what is best suited to your house or building, and advise you both in technical and aesthetic terms.


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and insulate your façade or house front externally

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