The panel’s guarantees

VETAbric brick panels all come from the VETA France plant at Béthune, Northern France (Pas-de-Calais) and benefit from ongoing quality control.

VETA France products are subject to Technical Opinions and to the "CSTB Certified” certification (managed by the CSTB; the French Building Sciences and Technologies Centre). All the manufactured products are covered by a ten-year insurance policy taken out with AXA.


Theoretically, brick panels do not require any cleaning. The facing bricks may however be cleaned with water or an appropriate detergent.


Replacing damaged panels is possible. To do this, you have to cut out the part to be replaced, remove the insulation if any -if it too has been damaged, recreate the interlocking pieces using appropriate tools (a jig saw, grinder, etc.), position a new insulation panel whilst making sure the assembly is waterproof, position the new prefabricated cladding items and finally redo the grouting.


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VETA France: A French manufacturer of brick panels for renovating and insulating façades and house fronts from the outside.

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