Environmental impact

VETAbric façades make a positive contribution to the energy balance of buildings. In this capacity, the VETAbric system is regularly selected for building houses or blocks of flats with low consumption energy requirements or high environmental quality standards.

With their varied range of bricks to choose from (structured bricks, ribbed bricks, smooth bricks, and hand-moulded bricks in over 100 colours), VETAbric panels really are the ideal solution for externally fitted thermal insulation. VETAbric facing panels embellish façades whilst improving the thermal and acoustic insulation for houses and blocks of flats.

VETAbric panels substantially increase the comfort of buildings whilst reducing their energy consumption.

Due to their design, the fact they undergo foaming in water (which produces no greenhouse gas), the possibility of associating the panels with high performance insulation -enabling a major reduction in a building's energy consumption and a subsequent reduction of CO2 emissions, the VETAbric system makes a positive contribution to the protection of the environment.


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