Advantages of the VETAbric panel

A guaranteed effect, a minimal space requirement, total freedom and maximum adaptation are the 4 key advantages of the VETAbric panel.

Whether for a new construction or a renovation, external insulation, partial or full decoration, etc. VETAbric is the first brick facing panel which is adaptable to all building issues.

Its fineness, modular nature and easy installation are the key advantages of the VETAbric range. VETAbric brick panels thereby fulfil the most exacting finishing constraints and can be adapted to developments in thermal standards (RT 2012, BBC (Low Building Energy Consumption), THQE, etc.). Moreover, their ease of installation enables outstanding worksite productivity to be achieved.

A guaranteed effect

The extensive range of structures and colours in the VETAbric range, combined with every shade of grout imaginable, makes it possible to achieve a multitude of combinations in order to obtain the desired effect.

A minimal space requirement

The core component is the standard panel measuring approximately 0.43 m² and weighing only 12 kg, its thickness reduced to the strict minimum necessary: just 2.5 cm (like all the other components in the VETAbric range).

Total freedom

The fineness of the components enables numerous configurations in terms of construction and insulation. VETAbric can be installed by itself on a façade, without any loss of depth, or can be combined with any type of insulation that has certification from the ACERMI (French Association for the Certification of Insulating Materials) and EC certification, iSole ranking: minimum I3S1O2L2E1 (thermal, sound, mineral or natural), of varying thicknesses depending on the requirements.

Maximum adaptation

The VETAbric range features nearly forty components which enable (nearly) every known scenario in terms of façade decoration to be carried out and an infinite number of new possibilities to be thought up. Customized components can also be designed and manufactured.


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