The manufacturing of VETAbric panels

All VETAbric components are made in France.
They are manufactured on site, at the VETA France factory in the Technoparc Futura zone at Verquigneul-Béthune in Northern France (Pas-de-Calais).

Manufacturing of the façade panels is carried out on an automatic chain according to a very specific process.

Corner pieces are manufactured in a specific workshop.

All of the manufacturing processes are subject to ongoing quality control checks and the control of finished products in particular implies that the following are checked:

  • The aesthetic appearance of the brick panels as they come off the manufacturing line
  • The proper interlocking of the brick panels
  • The flatness of the brick panels
  • The dimensions of the brick panels and the thickness of the polyurethane binding agent behind the facing brick
  • The density of the polyurethane
  • The tear strength of the facing bricks
  • The compression in the grout (sand)


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VETA France: A French manufacturer of brick panels for renovating and insulating façades and house fronts from the outside.

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