THE COMPANY VETAFRANCEThe firm VETA France, which was founded in April 2007 by Daniel Deudon, designs aesthetically pleasing brick facing panels for external insulation. The company was conceived from an innovative idea: to develop an all-in-one system that can be adapted to customers’ wishes and to changes in standards and requirements.

Most companies market insulation panels with facing bricks moulded onto them. This technique results in panels that are heavy and consequently are difficult to handle, limiting worksite productivity.

VETA France is the first company to have separated the brick facing from the insulation, thereby offering an adaptable, upgradeable product.

VETAbric, which was designed by a team of façade cladding specialists, developed in collaboration with recognised industrial operators and supported by OSEO (a French public agency that provides financing to SMEs) because of its innovative nature, is the first prefabricated brick cladding system capable of being adapted to all kinds of building issues.

After 5 years in operation, VETA France has thrived and now has 17 employees. From 2010 to 2012, the company more than doubled its turnover.


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VETA France: A French manufacturer of brick panels for renovating and insulating façades and house fronts from the outside.

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