Structure of the brick panels

Frame plate

The frame plate features polyurethane expanded in water in a mould in the same format as the prefabricated facing pieces.

The facing bricks are laid out in the bottom of the mould, with the foam being poured over the top of them.

  • Density: 210 kg/m3
  • Percentage of closed cells greater than 90%
  • Breaking strength :
    • Tensile strength : > 0,2 MPa (as per EN 1607)
    • Compression strength : 1 MPa (as per NF EN 826)
  • Dimensional variations : 0.28% in terms of thickness and 0.09% in terms of length and width (as per EN 1604)
  • Water absorption : <1% (as per EN 12865)
  • Thermal resistance : 0.29M²K/W

Additional insulation for the external insulation configuration

  • For prefabricated cladding: Rigid insulation varying from 20 to 180 mm, with the EC Standard mark and ACERMI certification corresponding to minimum iSole ranking: I3 S1 O2 L2 E1.
  • For add-on cladding: Semi-rigid insulation complying with CSTB Specifications Standard 3316 and 3585 V2.



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