The brick facing panel

The VETAbric system is a complete system featuring standard or special (corner piece) prefabricated cladding panels, mechanical fastenings, start sections and finishing sections, polyurethane filler, and grout.

The standard panels, the measurements of which are 1,044 x 462 mm, 1,024 x 462 mm, 928 x 462 mm and 908 x 462 mm, with a thickness of 25 mm, consist of a facing featuring terracotta bricks set in a thin layer of polyurethane.

In between the facing bricks is concave silica-based grouting.

The weight of a standard panel is approximately 12.5 kg, depending on the facing.

The panels feature a rebate that runs horizontally in the case of panels with straight grouting, and horizontally and vertically in the case of panels with offset grouting.

DCorner panels are manufactured by mitered cutting of flat panels. They are assembled using a special gluing process. A full range enables façade corners, openings, or any special points to be handled. Other customised corner pieces may be created depending on the cornicing to be created.



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