Externally fitted thermal insulation

How do I insulate and renovate my house front?
By choosing VETAbric, you are doing two major jobs in one : façade renovation + externally-fitted thermal insulation.

Externally-fitted thermal insulation applied to your house front comes with a bonus since it gets rid of all the cold areas (thermal breaks). And you will be able to enjoy comfortable, constant temperatures in both winter and summer.

With VETAbric brick panels, you will thereby benefit from an insulation solution that will enable you to reduce your house’s energy consumption and therefore reduce your heating bills.

VETAbric brick facings constitute a second insulating 'layer' for your home whilst at the same time embellishing your façade. They enhance and protect your home on a long-term basis.

Façade renovation and external insulation with VETAbric is an economical, simple solution that can be adapted to all types of houses and buildings. It resolves the problem of thermal insulation without impinging on indoor floor space and without requiring interior work.


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and insulate your façade or house front externally

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