Façade renovation solutions for home owners

VETAbric is the clever, cost-effective turnkey solution for renovating, embellishing and insulating your front of house.


Delivered ready to fit, or fitted by VETA France, the VETAbric system meets the strictest manufacturing standards. Ageing tests carried out in the laboratory have demonstrated its outstanding strength and durability. VETA France and VETAbric are registered trademarks. The VETAbric process is protected by an international patent.

VETAbric is the first brick facing system using thin, modular facing bricks and designed to be adapted to any type of work on home façades: full renovation (with or without external insulation), partial cladding (bases, gables, etc.), and ornamentation (lintels, corner decorations, cornices, etc.).

The extensive range of VETAbric colours, combined with every shade of grout imaginable, makes it possible to achieve a multitude of combinations in order to obtain the desired effect.

It can also be fitted as interior decoration. The fineness, modular nature and ease of installation of the VETAbric process make it possible to envisage all sorts of applications within reasonable timeframes and without requiring major masonry work.

The VETAbric range has around forty components which makes it possible to cater for all the known variations in the area of house front decoration and to come up with an infinite number of new ones.

The VETA France Fitting Department has RGE (environmental guarantee Standard) certification for external thermal insulation works.


Renovate, embellish
and insulate your façade or house front externally

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