Terracotta facing bricks:

Frost resistance and water absorption tests carried out by the various brick suppliers.

Add-on insulation, polyurethane panels, polystyrene panels, rock wool panels:

ACERMI certification has been obtained from the CSTB.

VETAbric prefabricated cladding:

  • External impact resistance: CSTB Test Report No. CLC 09-26018180 of 28 April 2009
  • External impact resistance: CSTB Test Report No. CLC 12-26041421 of 23 November 2012.
  • Resistance to wind load: CSTB Test Report No. CLC 09-26018179 of 29 April 2009
  • Reaction to Fire Report: LNE Test Report No. J110700 and K071650-DE/1
  • Conductivity of the polyurethane foam constituting the panel and its thermal resistance: CREPIM Test Report No. 768/01/310
  • Peeling Strength: CREPIM Test Report No. 768/01/310A
  • Combustion heat determination: CREPIM Test Report No. 768/02/188
  • Calculation of spot thermal bridges due to the fastenings: CSTB Report 09-065
  • Humidity level behaviour: CSTB Test Report No. EMC 09-105 of 7 July 2009

Production of the VETAbric panels used as façade cladding began in March 2008.

The surface area installed now exceeds 100,000 m²

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