Fitting principles

Principles for fitting VETAbric panels in the case of prefabricated cladding on add-on insulation
Stage 1: Fitting the start section

At the base of the wall, an aluminium section has to be fastened. The width of this section depends on the thickness of the panel and of the insulation in-between. Any flatness defects in the support should not exceed 5 mm on a 20 cm rule. Should this not be the case, preparation must be carried out (sanding, resurfacing, etc.)

Stage 2: Fastening the panel

The panels are fastened using wall plugs and screws compatible with the support and the thickness of the insulation in-between. These fastenings are laid out in the grouting in-between the facing bricks.

Stage 3: Assembling the panels

The panels are laid out row by row with continuous or offset joins. The panels are assembled vertically by interlocking them. Horizontally, a rebate system enables the panels to be made waterproof.

Stage 4: Handling façades’ corners

Façades’ corners may be handled either using corner panels with or without interlocking, or using aluminium sections.

Stage 5: Handling openings’ corners

Openings’ corners can be handled using corner panels with or without interlocking, using aluminium sections or any other framing system.

Stage 6: Cutting the panels

The cutting to be carried out in order to lay out the assembly can easily be done using a jig saw or an angle grinder equipped with appropriate blades and disks. For a perfect assembly of the cuts and of the panels, polyurethane filler should be applied in-between the pieces.

Stage 7: Grouting the panels

The final grouting can be done in two different ways depending on the model of brick involved:

  • The traditional way, using a grouter on any type of facing brick.
  • The tilesetter's way, using a grouting kit on smooth facing bricks.



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