General points about fitting

The VETAbric system is used for prefabricated cladding or normal cladding. With or without add-on insulation

VETAbric mounting principle (prefabricated cladding on add-on insulation) on concrete or masonry

VETAbric mounting principle (simple prefabricated cladding) on concrete or masonry

VETAbric mounting principle (cladding) on concrete or masonry

Mounting items

Wall plugs and screw

Specially designed Wall plugs and screws that firmly fasten the VETAbric components to the support


An aluminium section with a water run-off fitting fully protects the base of the facing and of the insulation.

Quality bricks

Each panel consists of a thin polyurethane support into which high-quality terracota facing bricks are set.

Additional insulation

Additional insulation is fastened onto the wall as a preliminary to further cladding using either adapted wall plugs/nails or is glued on.



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VETA France: A French manufacturer of brick panels for renovating and insulating façades and house fronts from the outside.

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