Cité du Cinéma (St Denis) Surface area: 3,300 m²
LE HAVRE, architecte cabinet QUATRE PLUS Paris - 1000m²
BARENTIN 33logts, Architect ATELIER DU CAP Cany-Barville - 1000m²
WASQUEHAL (Renovation of a restaurant in Lille), Architect POPIEUL Bruno LILLE
Nord region
Le Havre, Habitat 76 , Architect CBA (Rouen) - 1600m²
Nord region
Montreuil sous Bois, Bouygues Immobilier - 2200m²
Nord region
LE MANS (Résidence Val d'Huine) - 10 000m²

The SLIMLINE brick facing panel
which can be adapted to any type of insulation
that meets architectural, economic and environmental constraints.

The VERY FINE brick facing panel

Standard specification

VETA France makes a full technical description of the VETAbric system available to specifications experts.
Please feel free to request it from us by clicking on the link below.

Ask us for documentation for integration into your specifications.


Terracotta facing bricks:

Frost resistance and water absorption tests carried out by the various brick suppliers.

Add-on insulation, polyurethane panels, polystyrene panels, rock wool panels:

ACERMI certification has been obtained from the CSTB.

VETAbric prefabricated cladding:

  • External impact resistance: CSTB Test Report No. CLC 09-26018180 of 28 April 2009
  • External impact resistance: CSTB Test Report No. CLC 12-26041421 of 23 November 2012.
  • Resistance to wind load: CSTB Test Report No. CLC 09-26018179 of 29 April 2009
  • Reaction to Fire Report: LNE Test Report No. J110700 and K071650-DE/1
  • Conductivity of the polyurethane foam constituting the panel and its thermal resistance: CREPIM Test Report No. 768/01/310
  • Peeling Strength: CREPIM Test Report No. 768/01/310A
  • Combustion heat determination: CREPIM Test Report No. 768/02/188
  • Calculation of spot thermal bridges due to the fastenings: CSTB Report 09-065
  • Humidity level behaviour: CSTB Test Report No. EMC 09-105 of 7 July 2009

Production of the VETAbric panels used as façade cladding began in March 2008.

The surface area installed now exceeds 100,000 m²

Ask for our technical documentation

Textures and patterns

VETA France enables you to download patterns, colours and textures for brick panels of your choice in jpeg format in order to integrate them into your 3D rendering software. This will enable you to give your projects the most realistic appearance possible.

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